Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

Cremation Service Package


Cremation can be a very personal and deeply meaningful way to remember your loved one. At Heritage Funeral Directors, we offer a variety of cremation services. You have the option of having the ashes placed in a small, attractive urn to take with you as a memorable keepsake. Or perhaps your loved one wished to have their ashes scattered along their favorite hiking trail. Whatever special way you have in mind to pay tribute, we can help make it a beautiful occasion.

Our cremation services vary in scale from low-key to more elaborate, according to the family’s wishes. We offer dignity with affordability, and a large variety of urn and memorial options. People often confuse not having traditional burial as not having a funeral. Even if a family chooses cremation over traditional burial, they can still have a meaningful memorial service.

Traditionally, a burial service involves a visitation, followed by a funeral service in a church, or other place of worship. Family or religious traditions are often a factor for choosing burial. Decisions need to be made on whether the body needs to be embalmed, what kind of casket to use, what cemetery to use and what to put on the gravestone.

Although many people are choosing to cremate, that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice the traditional elements of a burial. Let us help you create a memorial onsite—because it’s helpful for many families to have a physical marker of remains. We can provide a range of flowers and décor accessories so you can best reflect your loved one at a service and beyond.





Removal Of Remains
Professional Services Of
Funeral Directors
Coroner Authorizations
Care Of Remains
Alternative Cremation Container
Transport To Crematory
Crematory Fees
Temporary Urn

(Does not include death certificates, press notice, urn, ceremonies, or any other cash advances)